Cell line development


Our substantial experience in protein expression has lead to the development and optimisation of specific and original strains, culture media and vectors, which are particularly interesting in terms of several criteria, such as productivity of the process or GMP compliance. 
We can propose high-producing and free-to-operate or proprietary expression systems to our clients in order for them to select the most suitable system for the drug candidate.

Microbial cell line development:


Highly efficient expression system

  • High expressing vectors for cytoplasmic, perisplasmic or secreted expression

  • Wide range of cell lines such as E. coliPichia pastoris, Yarrowia lipolyticaSaccharomyces cerevisiae, etc.

  • Selection of stable expression system



Mammalian cell line development:


Highly efficient expression systems

  • Optimised vectors

  • Serum-free and suspension-adapted cell lines

  • Clone selection process

  • Selection of genetic and phenotypic stable clones



  • Full traceability of all the steps and history of the selected clone with the support of the Quality Assurance team

  • In accordance with the project scope: therapeutic, diagnostic, etc.

  • Animal-free raw materials from the molecular biology to the production of Initial Cell Bank