Humanization services

Our mAb platform proposes chimerization and humanization programs based upon molecular modeling and engineering of antibody’s sequence (in partnership with IMGT.
Our custom programs are performed as part of fee-for-service model (no licence fees or royalties claimed) and would include some or all of the steps described below :

1/ Production and characterization of the reference murine antibody and determination of its affinity constant by BIACORE

Determination of the specific murine variable region sequences

Structural modeling of the mAb variable regions and construct of a panel of variants to be tested  

4/ Affinity characterization and analysis of the humanized variants followed by recombinant expression in mammalian cells

5/ If required, generation of additional variants to optimize antibody affinity

On completion of the antibody humanization process, PX’Therapeutics would handle the development of a relevant stable cell line, perform the required process development steps as well as future GMP manufacturing campaigns (see Protein R&D and GMP Manufacturing sections)

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