News HeadLines – 2016

  • PX’Therapeutics and RELIEF THERAPEUTICS Holding AG announce a strategic collaboration agreement for the recombinant production of atexakin alfa

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  • PX’Therapeutics to collaborate with Grenoble Hospital and INSERM for the development of a new diagnostic tool to prevent cardiovascular diseases

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    Grenoble (France), January 20th, 2016

PX’Therapeutics SAS, a CDMO (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization) subsidiary of Aguettant pharmaceutical group, has signed an agreement with Intervacc AB, a Swedish company focused on the new generation of recombinant vaccines within animal health. With a strong expertise in recombinant proteins and with capacities for bioproduction, PX’Therapeutics will be in charge of process transfer and optimization as well as GMP manufacturing of Strangvac®. This vaccine against strangles is made of a number of recombinant proteins, both from the surface of Streptococcus equi and secreted proteins involved in immune evasion. Strangvac® is currently used in confirmatory pivotal trials in compliance with GCP (Good Clinical Practice), which will be part of a dossier for a market authorization application. These studies will confirm efficacy, duration of protective immunity and the effect of re-vaccination.




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  • 4th Antibody Industrial Symposium, Montpellier, France - July 4-5, 2016
  • Nordic Life Science Days, Stockholm, Sweden - September 14-15, 2016
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  • BioEurope, Cologne, Germany - November 7-9, 2016