GMP Manufacturing Services

PX’Therapeutics offers process scale up, preclinical and GMP manufacturing services for protein, antibody or vaccine candidates.
For early stage projects, we can support all the discovery and process development steps before initiating GMP clinical manufacturing campaigns (see Protein R&D). For mature projects, we operate process transfer and provide manufacturing slots without any reservation fees as our policy is to offer great flexibility to our clients.
Our small scale GMP production facilities (500m2 excluding Analytical lab) are perfectly suitable for the supply of biological material for preclinical studies, phase I/II clinical trials. Manufacturing scales are specifically relevant for the production of original biotherapeutics and vaccines/recombinant antigens.
We also propose custom and relevant commercial manufacturing services for niche or cell therapy products where scale of production and prices are usually difficult to match.
Adaptability and flexibility are key words at PX’Therapeutics and we therefore consider and evaluate thoroughly all original/complex projects. We are especially recognized for our expertise in the manufacturing of proteins involving refolding process.
Besides being run by skilled scientists, the optimized size and organization of our manufacturing units also ensure very competitive costs to our clients.

Scale of GMP microbial production facilities: 30 to 100L fermentation / downstream processing .
Scale of GMP mammalian cell culture production facilities: 100 to 200L fermentation / downstream processing .